Assistant Professorship Process Design and Raw Material Change

On a long term oil is replaced by renewable energy carriers such as biofuels, hydrogen, methanol or stored electrical energy. This has also consequences for the value added chains of the chemical industry, which have always been closely linked to energy supply: petroleum being a main raw material of organic chemistry is partially replaced by other carbon sources. Important bulk chemicals of the C1 chemistry that are produced over synthesis gas and methanol from natural gas, biogas and chemically recycled carbon dioxide, will become more significant.

The assistant professorship is concerned basically with the following questions:

  • Which new products based on methanol can be produced to replace petroleum-based products?
  • How can plants be designed and operated, so that they harmonize with the continuous raw materials change?
  • What are the challenges faced in process design to evaluate new routes for the raw materials change quickly and flexibly?

Assistant Professorship Process Design and Raw Material Change
JP Dr.-Ing. Jakob Burger

Research interests:

  • Formaldehyde and derivatives (C1-chemistry)
  • Reduced models in process design
  • Meshing of various model depths
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Molecular design
  • Assessment and comparison of value added chains

Last Change: September 9th 2016