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Mass transport through vapor-liquid interfaces

Mass transport through vapor-liquid interfaces plays a central role in separation processes such as absorption and distillation. There is evidence that the enrichment of components at such interfaces has a strong influence on the mass transport, but the corresponding relationships are still unknown. Therefore, LTD is presently carrying out extensive research on this topic within the ERC project ENRICO. This includes experimental investigations of the mass transfer with different methods as well as molecular simulations and calculations with density functional theory (DFT). Furthermore, a systematic analysis of literature data on mass transfer is carried out using with methods from machine learning. The aim of our research is to develop new approaches for modelling mass transport through vapor-liquid interfaces with which the influence of the enrichment of components can be described.

We want to expand our team that is carrying out this challenging research. If you are interested, contact Prof. Hasse. We are flexible regarding the focus of the new team member, which could be either experimental or on modelling and simulation.

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