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Development of a learning digital twin of a batch distillation plant

Batch distillation is an established process for the separation of mixtures, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Batch distillation processes are highly dynamic and can be designed very flexibly; they are therefore an interesting example for realizing digital twins of process engineering systems. Within the scope of a cooperation of the Laboratory of Engineering Thermodynamics (LTD) with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM), Kaiserslautern, a recently purchased batch distillation plant is to be extended to allow an autonomous operation. Among other things, an online benchtop NMR spectrometer will be used to monitor and control the plant. A data connection to the ITWM is to be realized via 5G technology. All data obtained with the plant will be made available in a suitable form for automated analysis. An appropriate system is to be developed; experience in this field is available at the ITWM. In addition to these data, a physical model of the batch distillation will be used in the development of the digital twin. The digital twin shall learn continuously while the batch distillation plant is used in different research projects for the generation of process data.

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Last Change: June 26th 2020