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Enrichment of Components at Fluid Interfaces (ENRICO)

Join our ENRICO team. ENRICO is an exciting project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) in the frame of an advanced grant. Several positions are available. Their focus ranges from molecular thermodynamics to fluid process engineering. In ENRICO, modeling and simulation work is combined with experiments, so that the positions can be adapted to the interests of the successful applicants.

What is ENRICO about? Results from molecular thermodynamics, which have recently become available, show that for many industrially important mixtures a strong enrichment of components occurs at the fluid interface. That enrichment leads to a mass transfer resistance of the fluid interface which should be accounted for in fluid separation process design but was overlooked so far. ENRICO advances the knowledge on the enrichment of components at fluid interfaces using a novel combination of two independent theoretical methods, namely molecular simulations with force fields on one side and density gradient theory coupled with equations of state on the other. The results are used for developing a model for the mass transfer resistance of the interface and, finally, a new approach for designing fluid separation processes to enable more efficient and robust designs.

What is your task? You can chosse: if you are interested in thermodynamic fundamentals, you can do molecular simulations or work with equations of state. If you are inteersted in fluid separations, your can carry out mass transfer experiments and develop new methods for designing absorption and distillation columns.



Last Change: September 24th 2019